Party On Washington

Houston's Party Street


4701 Nett St.

Houston, TX 77007
Embedded on Nett street off Washington, Nox offers a sanctuary for clubgoers. The outside resembles a large warehouse space…hmmm…but once inside you will be transported from its unassuming façade, into a space that will inspire you to “get down.” A large bar runs from one side to the other along the back of the club. In front, the dance floor awaits your sexy moves.

Off on the left side are what Nox calls “caved booths,” which resemble a cross between a disco ball and an igloo, for those desiring bottle service. Further front there are some beds that overlook the dance floor. If you’d like a more loungy atmosphere, head to the white and red room. This spot offers you a seat on the several couches and tables separated from the rest of the club by a glass wall. Don’t worry, the white and red lounge area has you covered, its equipped with its own full bar so you don’t have to venture out all the way back for your next round. nox

There is a small outside deck for smokers, and the restrooms are to the left of the entrance. The restrooms have quite a few stalls so the line goes quick, if there is any.

Most Popular Nights: Friday and Saturday

Attire: Dressy

Price: $$

Hours of Operation:

Wednesday: 10pm-2pm

Friday through Sunday: 10pm-2am

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